Personal Responsibility and Public Health, a low-key preppers perspective

If you’re a human on planet Earth right now you’ve probably noticed that in the the name of public health, most humans are walking around with face coverings of some sort to keep a potentially deadly virus from spreading among the general population.

You’ve probably also noticed increased instructions to wash your hands and stay home when you’re feeling unwell. earnestly disseminated by your local government (but let’s be real here if you weren’t washing your hands often before, what were you doing?)

Now all this instruction is well and good, when faced with something new and ominous it’s great to know that direction is coming from somewhere. Heaven forbid we try and make our own decisions about our health! It’s so delightfully easy to transfer responsibility for my wellbeing to the ‘experts’ because I simply don’t have the time to devote to my own health, there’s a new season of something I should be watching.

Jesting aside, there is something worth considering here.

There is a reasonable amount of science behind what sugar does to the immune system. One might say there’s as much (or more) research regarding immune function as there is to the efficacy of masks in community settings.

I am sitting here wondering why there is nothing discouraging me from buying a litre of soda and 10 chocolate bars every day since this health crisis arose.

Now please don’t mistake my tone, I am not trying to say we shouldn’t be washing our hands and wearing our masks and staying home if we’re sick, those are all good things to do. If you take nothing else away from this pandemic, it’s stay the f*** home when you are sick, your body needs rest dude.

What I’m questioning is the narrative that claims lockdowns and restrictions are strictly about public health. If the local government can mandate and enforce face coverings, don’t you think they have the ability to encourage and educate people in how to properly maintain an immune system?

Think of it this way – sugar has a coma like effect on your immune system. Studies have shown that when you consume 75 to 100 g of sugar (about the amount of sugar contained in two 12 oz sodas), the sugar actually suppresses the body’s immune response, effects of this are felt up to five hours after consuming the sugar. So if you get exposed to germs in that time frame, there’s a 40% drop in the ability of white blood cells to combat those germs. That’s alot!

Given that a well functioning immune system is fairly critical for survival, particularly in these times, don’t you think the current crises warrants a little extra education on how we can keep that critical system in tip top shape?

Let’s break it down a bit more – links to relevant studies at the end of my little rant, for those fact checkers among us. You know who you are!

Research shows us that we have an active and busy little microbiome in our guts. This vibrantly alive part of our system helps regulate normal immune response. When the mucosal immune system is inflamed, then the immune system doesn’t respond well to intruders, nor does it form the appropriate ‘memory’ needed to fight the intruder the next time we meet it. Sugar and other franken-foods tend to inflame and upset the balance of that microbiome. Given that there is a clear relationship between our diet and our immune response, I tend to think that what I put in my body really matters, more so than ever.

So don’t you think it would behoove our public health experts to dial us into this simple little fact? How difficult would it have been to send out a little flyer that encourages us to eat healthy, to avoid sugar, to get adequate rest?

Better still, consider why the industries that supply us with sugar on tap haven’t been asked to shut down in the name of public health? Why is it that I can walk into any convenience store or fast food restaurant and purchase 80 grams of sugar filled fake food with no difficulty?

It’s just something I’ve been thinking about – what matters more – public health or being able to freely buy, buy, buy in a world that needs all your $5.00 purchases to continue making their way to the pockets of the rich. Maybe it’s something you should think about too. Are you willing to outsource your personal responsibility?


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